Membership information

Membership Information

The Outlet Rod and Gun Club is a private club for shooting enthusiast alike. Friends and general public are always welcomed. By law it is required that all non-members sign a guest log when at the club. We encourage all non members to join and enjoy the facilities at the Outlet

Benefits of Club Membership

  • Free use of large club house with discounted kitchen/bar fees
  • Use of all club house equipment including pool table and dart boards
  • Access to fireplace lounge and seating area
  • Participation in trap and skeet leagues (league fees may apply)
  • Discount on shooting supplies, accessories and practice rounds
  • Participation in club events
  • Discounted rounds through purchase of a shoot card
  • Memberships include privileges for the entire family (Children up to the age of 18)

Club Rules

  • Shotguns of 12 gauge or smaller only. There is no pistol, rifle, shotgun slug, or black powder shooting on Outlet property
  • Safe gun handling is required at all times. It is the shooter’s responsibility to be familiar with the safe operation of any firearm that he or she handles or uses
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory on all shooting fields. This includes shooters, spectators, and range personnel
  • Firearms must be unloaded and actions open when uncased anywhere on Outlet property, except when actually shooting. Break open firearms may have action closed when in gun racks
  • Use of incendiary or explosive ammunition is prohibited
  • Hunting is not permitted on Outlet Rod and Gun Club property
  • Skeet shooters must not load more than 2 shells at any one time. Trap shooters are only permitted to load one shell at a time, unless shooting doubles
  • Individuals must not load or adjust skeet machines unless properly instructed on how to do so safely by a club director or officer
  • A round of skeet or trap consists of 25 targets. Shooting extra targets without payment is considered to be theft
  • Dogs must be leashed when on or near shooting fields

Welcome to Outlet Gun Club